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IF YOU’RE UNDER 18 DO NOT READ THIS FIRST SEASON. It has some very gruesome instances that would be unsuitable for one so young. I don’t hold back at all in terms of the content even though the content in question is beautifully articulated. If you’re under 18, please stop reading this and wait until you’re adult-aged. Thank you.

Hello, I’m CHAV. Thank you for taking the time to check out what I have to offer. I’ve put an incredible amount of work into trying to come up with something truly unique. I hope I’ve succeeded.

Officially this epic is called “Psychotopia”, and its timeline will encompass many different eras from the fairly distant past into the none-too-distant future. This story is going to be told from a few different perspectives in the first-person narrative style. These tales encompass horror, noir crime, action, science-fiction, pornography, and romance. What I’ve attempted with these stories is a very unique hybrid. Imagine what the Marquis de Sade would sound like if he used Shakespeare as his stylistic role-model in order to captivate and enchant his audience? What would Justine sound like if the events in that story were presented with the same level of lyrical beauty as say, Richard the III? What would Richard the III sound like if that play endorsed the kind of nihilistic-anarchistic-antisocial ideas that made Sade notorious? That’s my creative strategy, say what I feel needs to be said but say it as beautifully as I possibly can.

Each season of this series will have 6 episodes and each episode will be about 25,000 words, which is approximately 5 short stories put together. Each season will be around 250 pages or so. For twenty dollars, per season, you’re getting a lot of entertainment value considering that you’re going to be reading things that you will never, ever see on Netflix, HBO, or at a movie theater. I can promise you that. This series is going to run for easily two decades because I have a lot to say.

So, what is Psychotopia about exactly? I have to be truthful, I always feel like I’m saying too much and it seems as though I’m giving away too much of the plot. Therefore, I’m going to give you the barest of bones but then I’ll give you something else as well. I’ll post the entire first season gratis. You can keep your money and give it a read. See for yourself if you like what you hear. That way you’ll know ahead of time if my stories are right for you.

Okay, here’s your brief summary:
“This slow-burning, epic nightmare begins with one brilliant woman who emigrated to the US with a vision in 1775.

Katherine Pendleton is the Alpha.

Her monstrous vision gained a secure foothold in the deep South where it began to evolve itself. Then one day in Canada a prodigy was spawned whose genius was of the likes that hadn’t existed since the Alpha’s reign.

Miriam Miller is the Omega.

In 1982 the Omega became convinced that she had the strategy to take the Alpha’s dream and manifest “The Greater Good”.

Only one thing can stop her.


Welcome to Psychotopia.”

Hopefully that sparked your curiousity. As I’ve said this is going to be a very long story so you’re going to get to know the main characters very well. I think you’re going to have a difficult time deciding what you think of them. They’ve got depth but they’re not nice people. In fact, they’re extremely evil as they calculate what they can get away with until the society that they occupy inevitably falls apart, and a very new and far darker paradigm emerges.

A paradigm whereby if one harmonizes nihilism with pure anarchy there would emerge an antisocialist state whereby anyone who is smart enough, and vicious enough, to rule the ground beneath their feet, they can then openly proclaim themselves to be a sovereign. What exactly would 10% of the current human population, approximately 760 million people spanning all generations and demographics, give to wake up in a world like that? A world whereby absolute power equals absolute freedom. Stick around and you’ll find out in this intimately-detailed epic nightmare that spans a wide and wild range of genres.

I will say something else. There’s a powerful movement happening whereby there are a lot more movies/tv shows with a lot of hardcore heroines. I guess you would call them “girl power” programs. Personally, I think the principle is great and I welcome this sea change avidly as far as thrilling genre-based fiction goes. But try to remember ladies and gentleman, there is a second verse to that song. Evil is a form of power as well and if you read my stories then you won’t have a difficult time accepting that Psychotopia is an “evil girl power” epic. It’s a beautiful monster where the girls are front and center and if they do a brutally wide assortment of terrible things then at least be a little charitable and admit that my characters are not weak, not stupid, and they’re very courageous in their own evil manner. My girls are extreme go-getters, and like I said, the girl power song has a second verse and it’s high time someone sang it as loudly and as enthusiastically as they possibly can.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up because I can’t think of what else to say in order to entice you to become a fan of mine. Check out the first season and see what you think. These stories aren’t for the squeamish, nor are they for the politically-inclined. If you’re fine with that then jump in. If not then consider this entire introduction to be your trigger warning because it’s the only fucking one that you’re going to get. You’ve been warned therefore proceed cautiously.

CHAV MacLeod








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